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Front End Developer / Creative technologist at Outernets

Front End Developer / Creative technologist

Comprised of artists, scientists and engineers, we’re an NYC based multidisciplinary tech company set out to create a seamless integration of digital and physical spaces.

Physical Gets Digital

We convert static walls, glass and displays into interactive, customizable digital experiences. We integrate physical spaces with online tools, metrics and mobile devices to create unique experiences you can track and measure for efficacy.

We are looking for an experienced web engineer who is interested in pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the browser with javascript, HTML, SVG, WebGL and other web technologies. We’re building a suite of exciting products from the ground up. Join our team as a contractor or part-time with the potential to grow with the company and join our team full-time.


Experience building performant web apps that blur the lines between native and web • Excitement for the new wave of progressive web apps and the latest HTML5 APIs such as the Physical Web, WebAssembly and WebRTC • Understanding of reactive and functional programming patterns and the related javascript libraries such as React, Redux, Immutable and RxJS • Proficiency in the latest javascript language features in ES2015+ and best practices for deploying rock solid code such as unit testing, end-to-end testing, code bundling, feature detection and polyfills • Self-sufficiency to take a loose spec and run with it to produce a prototype • Capability to produce physics-based animations using CSS/javascript and with 3D frameworks such as Unity or Three.js • Familiarity with communicating via WebSockets and HTTP APIs or with the full-stack using NodeJS or other backends


$40k - $80k

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