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Creative Technologist at Outernets

Creative Technologist

The Role

Outernets is seeking a creative technologist to join the front-end engineering team and create interactive OOH experiences to excite and engage people walking by our displays. We are a fast growing startup in the out-of-home advertising space trying to make a positive impact in people’s lives by adding value with advertising that is fun and enjoyable. As a creative technologist, you will have the opportunity to develop a range of creative and customized content applications for various clients, partnerships and interactive demos, such as the following types of creative experiences:

Augmented reality experiences that overlay digital content onto the physical world

Face filters, which warp or distort people’s faces in fun, playful ways

Webgl video shaders that reinterpret the physical world

Short-form video games that people can play and control from their phones

Artistic patterns and backgrounds which respond to people’s movement walking by

Social media-integrated apps that visualize client social media feeds in creative ways

Core Technologies:

The Outernets platform is built on top of existing web technology, meaning that all of our content applications are written in HTML & JavaScript. We employ a range of frameworks, depending on the specific client or project. Some of the most common technologies we use are:

  • HTML, CSS, vanilla JavaScript and React whenever possible
  • Amazon Web Services, especially S3 & Elastic Beanstalk for hosting static demos, storing content and building scalable load-balanced applications such as our websocket service
  • to manage websocket interaction between mobile phones and displays
  • THREE.js for 3D, interactive content such as visualizations, games and 360 videos
  • PIXI.js for 2D rendering of graphics-heavy applications, such as games
  • P5.js, a JavaScript-port of Processing, for compelling visualizations and patterns
  • D3.js for data visualization and graphs

Required Skills:

  • Strong JavaScript fundamentals that will allow you to quickly pick up new frameworks
  • 1+ years experience building creative front-end experiences, either for artistic expression or in the advertising world, or both
  • Ability to conceptualize and communicate technical requirements of abstract creative ideas

Preferred Skills:

  • Experience writing webgl vertex & fragment shaders
  • Experience building RESTful APIs
  • Experience with NoSQL databases such as MongoDB


$45k - $75k

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