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Tech Lead (front-end) at ustwo

Tech Lead (front-end)

The ustwo London Studio is looking for a tech lead to support the delivery of our projects. This is a predominantly front-end web development role. 

You will work collaboratively to solve difficult problems and build great features in a cross-functional team of engineers, designers, product owners and delivery coaches. With your technical expertise you will manage project priorities, deadlines and deliverables. You will help design, develop, test, deploy software solutions.  

You will work on projects that make a meaningful impact to our clients, their customers, and the world. We work very hard to win interesting and challenging projects. Many of our client relationships span multiple years and projects. We work across the project lifecycle, from highly strategic discovery work to large-scale build projects and everything in between.

Our teams work in a collaborative cross-discipline environment where everyone is responsible for quality, and hence encouraged to look beyond their immediate role. It’s also great fun working at ustwo!

Our values

We strongly believe in hiring for a neurodiverse workforce and we want to hire people who display strong potential. That means we’re not hung up on qualifications, where you graduated from (let alone if you graduated from Uni at all). The key to your success and our success is hiring people who have a passion to constantly learn, share knowledge with others and displays constant curiosity. We believe in the power of the introvert and our Studio culture provides opportunities for colleagues of all persuasions to be heard, have ownership and clear opportunities to progress. 

We have a very warm and welcoming culture. We are a very transparent company and work hard to distribute leadership across the studio. We are an equal opportunity employer and very much value diversity and inclusion. We believe diverse teams help us make better products and we actively hire for cultural growth. We seek people of all ages, genders, stories, cognitive capabilities and backgrounds.

The hiring and interview process

Stage 1:

Telephone screening. During this stage we find out about what you think you’re good at, how you want to learn and grow your skills and responsibilities. The call will be with a member of our internal recruitment team who will be knowledgeable about the role. Following this call the hiring manager will be briefed about you. 

Stage 2:

At this stage we want to really understand how we’ll work with each other and your potential. As such, during stage 2 we invite you to spend a half day in the Studio working directly with our teams on a real project. The day will start with you introducing yourself to the tech team. You’ll then do some pair programming with at least two colleagues for two hours. Following this, lunch will be served during which time you will get to meet a wider group of colleagues from across different disciplines. Once lunch is over, you will have a one to one with our People team who will be looking at aspects of your cultural fit with the studio and your career goals. The final element of your day is to meet a member of the senior leadership team, which we may arrange as part of the activities on the day or ask you to come back on another day. After the final meeting, you will be notified within a few days if you made it or not.


  • As a tech lead, part of your role is to be a people manager
  • You will design, develop, test, deploy and improve digital products with a focus on front-end development.
  • You’ll get to work with coaches and leads to ensure we're building high-quality products as well as delivering the project on time, on budget.
  • You’ll be expected to drive technical direction in projects and assure they meet scalability, robustness and security requirements.
  • You will be responsible for the technical approach to problems.
  • You will be hands-on on projects, getting deep into code and be looked upon as a senior authority in software development tasks, projects, Etc. 
  • You will be accountable for the technical delivery of the project by the team.
  • You’ll get the exciting responsibility to bring in new ways and approaches to building solutions.


  • You should have wide experience in building highly scalable and resilient web applications with a focus on the front-end stack.
  • We’d like you to have excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • We’re after someone who has experience working within agile environments such as Scrum / Kanban.
  • You should have experience with deploying, hosting, securing, monitoring and scaling in the cloud.
  • You should have good experience of Node.js or at least one other server side language.
  • You can apply the best design patterns for the case (Flux, MVC, MVVM, Mediator, Rx, Etc.).
  • You should have an awareness of the latest frameworks (React.js, Vue.js, Redux, GraphQL Etc.).
  • You should have experience with version control principles.

Nice to have experience

Job descriptions often have this “nice to have” section. Let's clear up any confusion here. What we’re looking for is potential and interest to learn. So, don’t stress if your skills don’t stretch across all these areas. 

  • Experience working with containerized services and orchestration, although if you don’t know how to create and manage them, we’re cool with that!
  • Experience with databases (SQL and / or NoSQL).
  • Experience with unit testing (Mocha, Jest, Jasmine, Etc.).
  • Experience with API integration / testing / design / implementation, ideally with deeper understanding of different patterns (CRUD, CQRS, SOA, Etc.).
  • Knowledge of CSS precompilers (PostCSS, Stylus, SASS) and CSS patterns.
  • Knowledge of Continuous Integration / Deployment.
  • Experience with TDD and / or BDD and automating this using a framework (Mocha, Jest, Cucumber, Rspec, Capybara, Selenium, Etc.).


  • You are a hands on, caring, resilient, patient, results-oriented, and humble person — you get things done.
  • You have a strong appetite to explore new technologies and share knowledge.
  • You welcome feedback and look to improve project development and understanding.
  • You are able to communicate well with non-technical team members or stakeholders.
  • You are able to work to deadlines and in a fast-paced environment.
  • You are a team player.

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