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Frontend developer at This Page

Frontend developer

We are looking for a frontend developer, someone who knows all about HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Both in vanilla form and with knowledge of the most popular frameworks.

You'll be working in a team with graphic and UX designers, frontend and backend developers, and producers, so good communication skills are a must, English is necessary and Dutch a bonus.

As a frontend developer you'll be responsible for delivering top quality cross-browser and cross-platform compatible code with a high attention to details. We expect that you will be vigilant, testing your code across multiple devices and browsers.

You should be passionate about development and delivering high quality products, examples of quality personal projects are a bonus. You'll be working in an open minded, relaxed but focused and motivated atmosphere in a non-hierarchical organisation.

You should have at least a few year's experience in digital production as a creative frontend developer, preferably at a digital production agency who focused on marketing and advertising.


We are looking for:

  • Someone who is social, fits in with the team, and our company culture;
  • Great knowledge of HTML, CSS & JavaScript;
  • Someone open and willing to learn and explore a variety of new technologies depending on what the projects demand;
  • An eye for detail, pixel-perfection is important to us;
  • Strong sense of motion & interactivity, and creativity in devising unique motion solutions for web designs;
  • Basic PHP knowledge would be useful;
  • Good knowledge of the popular API's and frameworks, we use VueJS, React, Laravel;
  • Experience with responsive website development for desktop and mobile environments;
  • Ability to identify and help resolve issues and bugs;
  • Ability to write maintainable and readable code;
  • Ability to make quick, working prototypes, and
  • someone with a permit to work in the Netherlands.

Some additional bonuses would be:

  • Ability to use coding design patterns, and
  • knowledge of version control management systems like GIT and SVN.

How to apply?

Are you the kick-ass frontend developer who would fit in with our team? Great! 

Please apply with your cv, cover letter, and an up-to-date portfolio including examples of the quality work we are looking for.

You don't get away with 'Hi, I am such and such. Check out my portfolio.' ;)

If we believe you could be the one, we will invite you to partake in a test, if possible at our office.

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