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Web Engineer at Spotify

Web Engineer

Spotify’s mission is to unlock the potential of human creativity by giving a million creative artists the opportunity to live off their work and billions of fans the opportunity to enjoy and be inspired by these creators.

We’re looking for Front-End and Full-Stack Engineers to join our Premium Business Unit. In this role you will be part of discovering and connecting members with services and products, delivering valuable and engaging experiences, resulting in meaningful, lasting relationships with Spotify.

You will work with members of your team to build features and scalable architecture for web applications and services within Spotify. The technologies you are familiar with are less important to us than your ability to demonstrate practical experience of web application development, such as agile engineering methods backed by a deep understanding of software engineering best practices.

Please note: this posting represents multiple roles across various teams, including a range of responsibilities and experience level.


  • Collaborate closely with other engineers and become a valued member of an autonomous, cross-functional team
  • Help the team plan, design and shape responsive web solutions
  • Bind our front-end and back-end services together and monitor, test and continuously optimize your designs
  • Collaborate with software engineers, product managers, designers, and analysts
  • Work in an environment that supports your individual growth
  • Ensure that our customer’s experience is the very best it can be
  • Have the opportunity to participate in annual company-wide hack week


  • You are experienced with modern JavaScript/CSS/HTML coding, testing, debugging and automation techniques
  • You have experience in backend development and technologies such as Java, Python or PHP (only for particular teams)
  • You care about the user experience and know how to build user-friendly web applications
  • You have a deep understanding of current and emerging trends of the web platform
  • You are not afraid of understanding and contributing to areas outside of the browser
  • You have a working understanding of object-oriented programming
  • You care about web technologies, exploring data, user experience and design and music
  • You have excellent analytical and problem-solving skills, and can communicate your ideas
  • You have experience working with backend and UX engineers when building user interfaces
  • A degree in Computer Science or a similar area and music experience are bonuses

You will be working from our awesome headquarter offices in central Stockholm. We offer relocation packages if you do not currently live in Sweden.

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