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Head of Development at Cheil

Head of Development

The Agency

We are a full-service, data-driven marketing agency, rooted firmly in digital innovation. We transform the way our clients interact with their customers by connecting their brands to individuals. Our offering is centred around seven key areas: Data & Insight, Experiences & Retail, Film & TV, Platforms, Content & Social, Product Innovation, New Technologies. We believe technology is the perfect canvas for creativity. With this ethos, we build award-winning off-to-online campaigns and experiences around retail and commerce, mobile, events, launches and in-home. Basically, anywhere we can use technology and creativity together.

Cheil UK is made up of 160 experts, who are passionate about innovation. We like to challenge our clients to ensure they are one step ahead of digital transformation. As part of Cheil Worldwide, Cheil UK plays its part in one of the world’s biggest agency networks – comprising 53 offices and eight affiliates on 5 continents.

In a nutshell...

We’re looking for a Senior Developer to lead our busy technology team. You’ll be reporting to our Head of DMC & Shared Services and will inspire and lead the team, whilst encouraging creativity and efficiency throughout complex digital projects.

This role will work on Samsung as your main client, across various projects and with cross-agency teams in Creative, Experiential, Project Management and Digital. Your responsibilities will primarily be to Samsung UK. You will also be responsible for leading developers from Cheil’s European offices for Samsung flagship product launches, deploying buying configurators into 31 countries.

You’ll be a seasoned developer who has extensive experience working on very high volume and fast paced accounts within tight deadlines, able to work across multiple projects at any one time, while keeping a cool head. You will thrive on new challenges and will never be intimidated by something unfamiliar.

You need to be comfortable in front of clients as the agencies technical lead and converse in a way that ensures clients are confident in our ability and embrace our solutions rather than being confused by technical jargon.

You are passionate about your work and will gain genuine enjoyment from seeing projects through from start to finish.

You will have...

  • Proven record of developing high-quality software design and architecture
  • Strong communication skills
  • Excellent organisational and leadership skills
  • Experience working in an agile environment and expertise in agile delivery techniques
  • Positive outlook, boundless energy and thrive on collaboration
  • Ability to work in a fast paced environment
  • Good attention to detail
  • Accurate estimation skills
  • Appreciation of the need to deliver features for business benefit against the risk of accumulating technical debt
  • Ability to explain a technical solution in a non-technical way
  • Broad and extensive knowledge of the software development process and its technologies
  • Strong knowledge of computer languages, such as Java, C++, PHP, and SQL
  • Strong background in coding
  • Strong knowledge of user interfaces
  • Strong knowledge of HTML technologies and web frameworks
  • Experience with database creation and maintenance

Advanced skills:

  • User interface development experience using languages such as CSS, HTML/HTML5, JavaScript, or JSON
  • Experience with developing mobile optimized websites and apps

Strings to your bow...

  • Html, CSS, JS (vanilla plus libraries e.g. jQuery)
  • Responsive (mobile first) web development
  • Multilingual development
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Task runners – gulp, grunt
  • Tracking – Adobe, Google
  • Source code versioning – git
  • SEO – appreciate its value/importance
  • Ability to spot ways to increase efficiencies
  • Identify, prioritise and execute tasks in the software development life cycle
  • Appreciation of new tech but understand that ‘if it’s not broken don’t fix it” – unless requested
  • React, Vue, Angular
  • Working within marketing cloud environments using data to drive different personalised experience.
  • Adobe Experience Manager
  • Adobe Target
  • Servers – Apache configuration e.g. vhosts, aliases, server side includes: OS – Linux/mac/windows
  • Node js development
  • Databases – mongodb, nosql, mysql
  • App development

Who are you?

  • Driven individual with results-oriented attitude, clear vision and natural leadership
  • A thinker and a doer – natural ability to build bridges between strategy and execution and balance today and tomorrow
  • Team leader able to manager of multiple development teams/projects
  • Team player who is happy to roll sleeves up and code as and when required
  • Mentor, keen to ‘evolve’ and develop the overall skill set of the team
  • Analytical and data-driven – back up decisions with hard facts, stats and numbers
  • Analytical mind with problem-solving aptitude
  • Keen to ‘take responsibility’ and ‘own’ projects

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